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Zoom Teeth Whitening (in office & at home)

How does Zoom! Teeth Whiten and Brighten the Smile?

If you associate a bright, white smile with a beautiful smile, you are not the only one! Many patients who have an otherwise attractive smile may still deal with dull, stained, or discolored teeth. By whitening these teeth, many patients can boost the aesthetics of their smiles and feel more confident when socializing with others. Some patients seek teeth whitening treatments in their community to prepare for upcoming events such as weddings or class reunions. Dr. Ahmed Mataria and Dr. Suh of Eco-Friendly Dentistry in Oak Lawn, Illinois, are excited to offer two methods of whitening using the Zoom! teeth whitening system, including Zoom! in-office whitening and Zoom! at-home teeth whitening.

At a young age our teeth are healthy white. But overtime the enamel coating the tooth is so slowly worn down. Causing our teeth to become stained and yellow, which is why teeth whitening is become increasingly popular today. There are a few methods for whitening. They include at home and in office. With in office treatments, you will see faster results, receive the safest treatment for bleaching the teeth, and yield the whitest smile. So, don’t settle for teeth that have become stained from years of coffee drinking, tobacco use, or just aging. Ask your dentist about whitening options that may be right you.

How does Zoom! teeth whitening work to brighten the smile?

Zoom! teeth whitening is a bleaching process that uses unique ingredients in a gel-like formula. The Zoom! whitening gel is applied to the teeth and activated by a special light. This process breaks down the stains on the teeth, making them appear brighter and bringing a whiter appearance. In fact, patients who undergo our professional whitening treatments will find they can brighten their teeth up to eight shades whiter!

Why patients love Zoom! teeth whitening

Zoom! teeth whitening is one of the most preferred teeth whitening methods available today. It is safe, effective, and fast, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve the look of their smile. Dr. Mataria can educate you on the benefits of this type of treatment versus drugstore brand alternatives. Many over-the-counter whitening products and kits have much lower concentrations of bleaching ingredients, meaning little to no results.

Learn more about your professional whitening options at Eco-Friendly Dentistry

Patients considering professional teeth whitening will find that the Zoom! teeth bleaching system is the best way to get same-day or gradual results with our in-office or take-home varieties. If you reside in Oak Lawn, IL, and are interested in speaking with Dr. Ahmed Mataria and Dr. Suh about teeth bleaching services. Call the office at 773-429-1400 for an appointment at 4934 W 95th Street .